About Us

Geo Strategies provides GIS, data and marketing services for Romania. This includes mapping, geo-demographic and economic information, GIS software, analytical services.

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About Us

Geo Strategies provides a full suite of GIS and marketing data and services for Romania. This includes comprehensive digital mapping, up-to-date demographic and economic information, population counts and business databases.

Geo Strategies supplies and supports general GIS software, dedicated and fully integrated marketing software, software for data mining and analytics and also cloud software for cross-channel digital marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) anywhere in the world.

Consumer & spatial analysis

Mosaic segmentations

Post hoc segmentations

Custom data modelling

GIS, maps & databases

Granular local data


Data Quality

Address cleansing

Data integration


Data mining

Cross channel marketing

Software & data services

Consultancy & training

All products and data are also available in the form of consultancy &/or services for data quality, geocoding, location analysis, network optimisation and economic evaluation.