Address Cleansing

Geo Strategies’ address and contact cleansing software for Romania is optimised for the local language and can deal with abbreviations, name changes, diacritics and untidy databases.

Making your contact data operational and valuable

Address Cleansing

Modern business activities increasingly depend on reliable and accurate address data. This is particularly true for CRM and data warehousing applications where unclear structures and different formats reduce the value of data.

Organisations that want to communicate effectively with their commercial partners must take steps to ensure that their data is structured correctly as everybody identifies closely with their own address.

Addresses consist of multiple elements which all-too-often result in a variety of problems. Sometimes the capitalisation is wrong, sometimes addresses are spelt incorrectly or have the wrong abbreviation.

Sometimes they are based on names which have changed or names which are in the wrong word order. More mundanely, there are often spelling &/or typing errors.

A particular problem which affects Romanian address data is missing or incorrect diacritics. Also databases which haven’t kept abreast of the changes from Ț to Ș.

Geo Strategies has created an address cleansing and geocoding system specifically for Romania called SMARTaddress. You can also find out more about this approach from the publications under Resources including –