Consumer Data & Insights

Geo Strategies has substantial experience of assisting both international and Romanian customers understand big data and implement GIS and marketing solutions.

Data is at the heart of any successful business strategy

Consumer Data & Insights

Customers are becoming ever-more savvy and demanding and understanding how and why they behave has become ever-more complex. The balance of power has shifted inexorably towards the consumer and this shift, coupled with unprecedented choice means that customer loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. New marketing channels such as social, mobile and interactive TV have given marketers more choice about how and when they speak to customers and prospects, but at the same time it’s becoming increasingly challenging for marketers to break through this noise.

The challenge has become  “how do you cut through this information overload and engage with each and every customer in a relevant, timely and effective manner?”

In our experience it all begins with the data. Knowing where your existing customers live unlocks the power contained within your own databases. Combined with external knowledge e.g. from Mosaic, this helps identify their stereotype behaviour and enrich your own information on every individual customer. In turn, it helps you identify where similar high-value customers live so that you can target future marketing campaigns.

Smart marketers have turned to new customer analytics and ‘big data’ applications to enable them to pull together insight from multiple data sources such as social media, transactional data and email to develop a 360 degree of the customer. This rich insight enables them to customise offers, optimise marketing performance and deliver unprecedented levels of customer engagement.