Cambridge – home of Britain’s first Joint Venture company in Romania specialising in mapping, GIS, demographics, data quality and marketing services.

Home of innovation and continuous inspiration


 Cambridge is one of the most attractive cities in the UK. It is the home to Cambridge University which was founded in 1209 and is now ranked in the top three universities world-wide.

The city is not large (~120,000 people) and has become a major tourist destination for visitors from around the world. It is the home of 88 Nobel Prize winners and Trinity College alone has attracted 32 prize winners.

In all, there are 31 colleges ranging from Peterhouse (founded in 1284) to Clare Hall (Daniela Florea’s college – founded in 1965). These colleges attract fierce loyalty and are renowned throughout the world.

It is also home to the Cambridge Phenomenon – the name given to the cluster of high tech enterprises centered on Cambridge. Geo Strategies is an extension of this phenomenon being a spin out from Laser-Scan which, itself, was a spin-out from nuclear research at the world-famous Cavendish Laboratory.

The Cambridge Science Park – loosely, the home of the Cambridge Phenomenon –- is widely acknowledged to be the most successful ‘breeding ground’ for innovation in Europe. Companies on the Science Park cover all disciplines but there are major groupings of bio-technology, drug discovery, materials, energy, environmental, electronics, and technical consulting companies. Not least, Cambridge is home to five mapping and GIS companies.

At Geo Strategies, we retain strong links with the University which include teaching, supervising post-graduate students and joint research.