Wealth Indicators

Purchasing Power for Romania divided by socio-demographic status, region and county including both the formal and informal economy.

Understand where the money really is

Wealth Indicators

Wealth Indicators from Geo Strategies are based on both the formal economy and the informal economy and take account of coupons and other sources of earnings.

This is particularly important for Romania as the informal economy (black and grey money) is the largest in Europe as a percentage of GDP and is spread unevenly across the population.

Geo Strategies’ Wealth Indicators are based on 45 sub-divisions of the population by demographic type and, for each sub-division, they also reflect the varying earning power – and hence wealth – of similar types of people and occupations from one county to the next. All data is linked to the official data on earnings and the geographic variations.

It highlights the increasing levels of disposable income (or spending power) amongst Romania’s emerging middle class and also the rather high earnings (not always recorded!) of many skilled artisans.