Videos from Geo Strategies featuring their products and their services which can be downloaded.

From time-to-time we release slide-shows and videos illustrating the benefits and uses of our various products and services.

Current videos include:

Understanding Mosaic

This video illustrates the 45 Mosaic Types in terms of their Demography, the Environment in which they live, their Household Economy, their Consumer Values, their Consumption Patterns and their predicted ‘Change Path’.

4-Step Guide to using Consumer Insight

This video outlines how to use consumer insight to drive marketing results, drawing on data exploration, consumer profiling, modelling and evaluation.

Meet Lucy

To learn more about cross-channel marketing and how you can reach audiences just like Lucy, then watch Lucy or take a look at Cross Channel Marketing on this web site.

Meet Alex 

Today’s connected customers are a complicated bunch – discover Smarter Marketing approaches that deliver great customer engagement and effective campaigns. So, take a look at Alex and also look at Marketing Services on this web site.