GIS Consultancy

Geo Strategies supports customers with their specialist GIS needs. These range from modest requirements for site evaluation to network planning and substantial investigations as part of the due diligence process.

Driven by customer needs and focused on delivering business results

GIS Consultancy

Geo Strategies provides a wide range of consultancy and local support in GIS systems, data analysis and management, retail planning and optimisation, consumer insight and location-based decision-making.

Together with Experian, we provide a further range of consultancy (national and cross-border) in economics, real estate, market research, and the public sector.

GIS Analysis & Systems

Geo Strategies offers consultancy and support to customers, from scoping requirements and specifications, to delivering fully fledged systems for use on desktop PCs or networked, web-enabled infrastructures. All delivered together with maintenance, support and training in the local language, together with applications consultancy.

Data Management

Geo Strategies works closely with customers to refine their data management strategies. Identifying spatial and behavioural correlations can help identify quick wins. Once these are communicated internally, they often result in major improvements in business performance.

Data Mining & Analysis

Large datasets are all-too-often repositories of valuable information hidden within their midst. Data mining, especially when combined with a behavioural element, can unlock valuable insight and support for personalised communication.

Retail Planning

Geo Strategies provides catchment analysis and modelling in support of many retailers in Romania for planning their networks, forecasting sales and managing their relationships with existing customers and also to target new ones.

Using our extensive specialist data and local expertise, we develop models of trading areas, expenditure patterns and market size based on a detailed knowledge of the market structure in the catchment area of current or prospective outlets.

Geo Strategies also works with customers to interpret footfall figures; these are an important Key Performance Indicator which also combined with other KPIs, such as sales data, to provide management information capable of helping to drive improved productivity from both shoppers and staff.

KPIs are used as a basis for planning, running and organising stores, also to understand strategic or tactical market opportunities, and to optimise the number of customers who visit the stores.