Big Data & Insights

Geo Strategies specialises in the organisation and structuring of Big Data to help companies understand their customers.

Understanding your customer


There iBig Datas a huge difference between Big Data and the Right Data.

Thanks to modern technology organisations have access to huge quantities of data about their customers.

However, this is useless unless it is combined and filtered. What everybody requires is relevant, timely and actionable information about prospects and customers.

There are four basic sources of data:


Sales data, basket analysis, product purchases, usage, payment behaviours


Lifestyle, life stage, age, gender, household income


Attitudes, sentiments, peer reviews, needs, brand perceptions


Search, sites used, e-mail clicks, content viewed

In particular, behavioural data is beginning to swamp organisations with the ever-increasing use of social media.

The holy grail for all organisations is the Single Customer View (SCV). This is possible within e.g. a bank or insurance company where customers may have multiple accounts but, more typically, it is only possible to combine external data with internal data at a household or address level.

Geo Strategies can assist in six areas:

  1. With demographic data based on Mosaic for Romania. This anonymised data covers every single household in Romania.
  2. With psychographic data based on Lifestyle data which includes information on shopping preferences, attitudes and similar.
  3. By cleansing and de-duplicating contact data as the first step towards a SCV
  4. By standardising and  geocoding addresses so that they can be located on a map
  5. With data collected as a result of using the Experian Cross Channel Marketing Platform (EECMP).
  6. By combining and filtering data using BI tools.

In all cases, these services can be provided as products or carried out in-house.

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