Data Quality Management

Data quality management allows for up-to-date and clean information that is the first step towards a single customer view. This is particularly required in Romania.

Data quality: the first step to an effective marketing platform

Data Quality Management

 The key elements of data quality are accuracy, validity, integrity, completeness, consistency and relevance. Geo Strategies’ mission is to assist customers make their data operational and become a value-generator for their various businesses.

In today’s business environment, we are all swamped with data and can no longer afford to collect data because it seems like a good idea as our CRM systems grow to unmanageable proportions and it becomes difficult to locate what is required and impossible to extract meaningful information.

The central most important component is ‘location’ – more typically an address which can be geocoded and placed on a map.

The core services available from Geo Strategies are –

Address cleansing





Once all data is referenced in this way it is possible to carry out spatial analysis to link distribution centres to a company’s outlets and onwards to the customer (or user) – whether it be for a bank, a supermarket or a logistics company. But this applies equally to hospitals, post offices and to the census bureau.

At Geo Strategies we have established a uniquely competent system (SMARTaddress) for cleansing and geocoding Romanian address information so that the largest databases can be based on a standardised, de-duplicated and geocoded address. Success rates are consistently over 80% even for the most challenging (messy) databases.