Lifestyle Data

Geo Strategies’ Lifestyle database links customer data for Romania to the wider audience of the entire population as the basis for targeted marketing. ملاكمه

Know which prospects are likely to become customers

Lifestyle Data

Without exception, all business and consumer analysis depends on the quality of the data. And, in some respects, the more data you have the better as, sometimes, it is helpful to correlate disparate datasets to help understand the underlying meaning of peoples’ behaviour – whether it be their interest in foreign holidays, their propensity to regularly change their telecom provider, or even to help understand regional and demographic propensities for diabetes.

To assist with this, Geo Strategies maintains a variety of databases including a Lifestyle database. This contains information on the Romanian population divided into –

14     Main categories

100   Sub categories

815   Individual data items

The image above illustrates just one sub-category on Reading Preferences for Freelancers (Identified from the Employment category in Mosaic Group C or ‘Regional Prosperity’). Similar statistics are available for all data items including the percentage of e.g. Freelancers that –

    • Shop at Baumax
    • Drink Tuborg beer
    • Drive a Fiat
    • Insure it with Omniasig
    • Have a Vodafone account
    • Now use a private doctor

The huge advantage of this information is that it is linked to location via segmentation. So, by identifying the postcodes (see Geocoding) it is immediately possible to obtain a comprehensive view of customers without problems of data privacy.

Overall, using the Lifestyle database in conjunction with your own data, you can –

    • Gain greater customer understanding
    • Improve campaign effectiveness
    • Maximise campaign ROI