Mosaic Romania

Geo Strategies, in partnership with Experian have announced the development of their latest country-specific consumer classification with the launch of Mosaic Romania for consumer segmentation.

Mosaic Romania is a completely new geo-demographic segmentation tool that classifies all of Romania’s 21.6 million inhabitants into distinct consumer types. The system classifies consumers into 45 neighbourhood types, aggregated into10 groups.

Mosaic Romania has taken two years to build by a development team of over 40 researchers, geographers, surveyors, demographers, analysts, statisticians and consultants. The result is a classification that provides a comprehensive and detailed understanding of socio-demographics, lifestyles, culture and behaviour of the population and their neighbourhoods in Romania.

Download the brochure forĀ Mosaic Romania to see what is available.

Daniela Florea, CEO of Geo Strategies, said: ‘Developing Mosaic Romania has been a challenge. The relatively recent ability for people to choose the neighbourhoods in which they live, the fast-moving economy and, especially, the booming investment in retail and real estate are a few of the local influencers for this exciting new development.

Mosaic Romania is a powerful information tool, which is equally valuable across different market sectors. For the government, Mosaic Romania provides an informed basis and a tool for allocating the right resources and developing appropriate communication strategies. For the commercial sector, Mosaic Romania is a tool for targeting, acquiring, managing and developing profitable customers.

Paul Watts, Director of Global Operations at Experian Business Strategies, added: ‘Experian has been developing consumer segmentation systems for over 20 years. We are very pleased that Mosaic Romania has taken its place amongst a global network of Mosaic consumer classifications that covers over 26 countries and over a billion consumers worldwide. It could not have arrived at a better time, just a few weeks before the country’s accession to the European Union.’

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