Location Insight

By understanding the local demography and attitudes it is possible to carry out data-driven analysis and location planning. Geo Strategies do this work in Romania and CEE.

Location planning to drive growth, profitability and customer engagement

Location Insight

Successful modern marketing demands a rich understanding of customers — and understanding customers is as much about location as it is about people.

By analysing and modelling geographic data, we can open up a wealth of location insight leading to increased marketing opportunities. This allows you to understand target locations, improve network planning and focus investment on those places that deliver maximum ROI. beout live More specifically, by analysing your data we can identify –

  • Where do my customers live?
  • How far do they need to drive or walk to my bank or shop?
  • Where else can I find other people like this?
  • Who lives in the catchment area of my Point of Sale?
  • What factors influence my insurance agencies’ sales?
  • Where are the best locations for new mid- market car sales outlets?

We can also assist you in evaluating the likely impact of a whole range of investment and divestment decisions. Among our Romanian projects, this has included a number of site evaluations for major investments (shopping malls), a network of showrooms for an international vehicle manufacturer, a complete evaluation and overhaul of a large banking network and studies for a major insurer.

Interestingly, and considering the size of the investments required, these studies are often carried out in parallel with other research – the difference being that our work is entirely data-driven: it is objective and all sources are traceable. This provides enormous confidence for future studies as the results have been demonstrated in a wide variety of situations.

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