Strategic & BI analysis software for business needs.

Fastest platform for designing analytic applications  Alteryx

Alteryx Strategic Analytics is a desktop-to-cloud solution that combines your business data with the market insight and spatial processing that today’s strategic planners need. Now data professionals have the tools for business analysis to pull, overlay, and analyse any combination of enterprise data, industry content, and location intelligence all in a single picture—so you’re ready to act, with all variables right in front of you.

For many organisations the process of building analytics and analytic applications is a slow and resource intensive process. It requires different tools to gather and integrate the right dataset, more tools to build and publish analytic models, and even more to create analytical applications.

Alteryx delivers a new approach to building analytical applications using a single tool. Analytic applications can be built utilising all the relevant data, and then published for use by decision makers – all without requiring another tool or involving expensive specialist resources.

Designer Desktop Capabilities include:

  • Point-and-click UI:  build analytics with no coding
  • Personal ETL:  pull data from anywhere – internal, Big Data, or cloud
  • Industry content:  customer & market data enriches your insight
  • Data quality tools:  build clean and credible data sets for analysis
  • Predictive Analytics:  pre-built R tools make predictive accessible to all
  • Agile database:  take on structured, un-structured, and spatial data
  • Single-click publishing

For further information about industry trends, see the Gartner Newsletter 2013.