Value-added Mapping

Geo Strategies maintains a variety of administrative boundaries – including 6-digit postcodes – and the associated databases for Romania with points of interest, bank locations and much more.

Mission-critical, unique content for advanced applications

Value Added Mapping

Geo Strategies also develops and maintains a variety of more specialist datasets for business and similar applications. The uses range from advanced logistical planning and management, utilities management, regional TV planning, security, banking and retail.

The datasets are more fully described in our Data and Services Catalogue and include:

  • POIs and business locations  (14 classes and 72 categories in the latest release)
  • Population density
  • Population projections
  • New residential
  • Purchasing power
  • Vehicle statistics
  • Postcode boundaries (4 & 6-digit)
  • Election boundaries
  • Terrain and natural risk
  • And many more

In addition to the list above, Geo Strategies maintains a variety of databases which can be geocoded so that they are suitable for spatial (GIS) analysis.