Marketing Databases

Geo Strategies has a variety of databases for Romania selected and maintained for data-driven analysis, network optimisation and marketing projects.

Most relevant data content, ready for action

Marketing Databases

The key to value-added analysis, segmentation and profiling is to combine internal and external data.

Internal data typically includes an address, spend (or transactions and savings in the case of a bank) and spend frequency. Ideally, there will be more but this is a good start.

In addition, there may be relevant market research data but this is ephemeral i.e. it tends to be a snapshot in time and, with the rapidly changing nature of consumer habits, this tends to become out-of-date very quickly.

External data from Geo Strategies (83 categories) includes the following:


Population counts at various levels of geography and population projections

Culture (Ethnicity, Religion & Social Grade)

Property, including new residential


Financial including purchasing power

Wealth indicators


Modern Retail including bank locations

Car sales


Mosaic Romania

Mosaic Global

Natural Risks

The data concerned is a combination of point data (e.g. the location of shopping centres, supermarkets, banks, etc.) and area data (e.g. population counts, property type and car sales).

Area data is available at various levels (locality or postcode) depending on the granularity available but can also be supplied as grid data. See the Data and Services Catalogue for more detail.