The Spectrum Enterprise Data Quality Solution from Pitney Bowes, provides valuable insights that can help you improve the customer experience and increase your ROI.

The hub for enterprise data quality, GIS and BI


Spectrum is Pitney Bowes Software’s modular platform for master data management, data quality, data governance, data hygiene, analytics, geospatial data integration and business services. It is an on-premise server solution. Think of Spectrum as a container in which all data management functions, including spatial ones, can be accessed.

Spectrum Spatial is one of the capabilities of Spectrum that serves as a hub of an enterprise GIS. It utilizes standards for Web services and is based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) to support user interfaces. Spectrum Spatial’s core geospatial functionality includes point in polygon, routing, etc., and is accessed via Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) interfaces. Administrators can manage users and capabilities all through the Spectrum technology platform.

The Spectrum Management Console is used to specify options for services, database resources, data sources, user account management, logging, tracking and reporting. Spectrum Spatial is deployed and runs with its own open source called Jetty. It provides the platform within which modules can be deployed, developed and managed. free automaty online