Geo Strategies represents Navteq in Romania – the world’s leading supplier of digital maps for GIS and navigation …

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Navteq is the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data (digital location content) enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world. NAVTEQ supplies comprehensive digital location content to power automotive navigation systems, portable and wireless devices, Internet-based mapping applications and government and business solutions.

  • Virtually every major automobile manufacturer currently offering a navigation system in North America and Europe uses NAVTEQ® Maps in one or more of their models.
  • NAVTEQ Maps power major internet mapping portals in North America and Europe.
  • The leading global wireless brand chooses NAVTEQ Maps to help power their location-enabled devices.
  • Foremost PND manufacturers in the world choose NAVTEQ.
  • NAVTEQ® Maps provide a highly accurate representation of the detailed road network including up to 406 attributes like turn restrictions, physical barriers and gates, one-way streets, restricted access and relative road heights, for more than 196 countries      from 6 continents.
  • NAVTEQ Trafficâ„¢ is the only end-to-end, integrated traffic information solution that spans data gathering to direct-to-consumer delivery.
  • On average, there are 100 million uses of NAVTEQ data every day.

Geo Strategies is a Navteq partner and, as such, can supply navigable maps for the whole world – not only for Romania.