Brand Profiling

Geo Strategies maintains comprehensive and up-to-date databases of information that can be linked to customer data to derive marketing insight.

Data driven brand marketing

Brand Profiling

Geo Strategies maintains significant databases of brand information. These include –

Modern retail





Automotive (Vehicles and fuel)

Household goods



Shopping habits (Attitudes)

The combination of e.g. POS data or exit polls, when put together with the various retail databases including demographic data (Mosaic) and Lifestyle information, provide invaluable insight into who is actually spending money in a particular area and, more especially, where and on what else they are likely to shop. This is equally true for a bank, a supermarket, a telecom provider, an automotive dealer or for an insurance company.  Indeed, it also applies to private medicine, private universities and schools.

The overall aim of any organisation is to increase their ‘share of wallet’ (Cosul de cumparaturi) so the more they understand about their customers – where else they shop, their attitudes and their wealth – then the better they will be prepared to tailor both their message and any offers.

Birds of a feather shop together” (“Cine se aseamÇŽnÇŽ se adunÇŽ”): this is abundantly clear in any shopping mall, on any day of the week. The external data is available for correlation with your internal data to make sure they shop with you!