Our Partners

Geo Strategies has partnerships with key world players in the mapping, data analytics and digital marketing community …

Developing and creating value together

While Geo Strategies has always been a wholly-owned, independent company, we have worked closely with key international partners.

Our partnership arrangements have evolved over the years in line with the dynamics of the market place.

Initially, we became the strategic partner for Romania with MapInfo of Troy, New York: this complemented our own mapping activities and helped us develop the market for GIS software which continues to this day.
Latterly, MapInfo was purchased by Pitney Bowes and we have also become an active partner for the Pitney Bowes range to products for Data Quality Management (DQM).

In 2003, we became a Navteq partner. This was a strategic move as it allowed us to free-up resources to concentrate on creating new value-added data and services for Romania.

Also in 2003, we became the partner for Experian Business Strategies (latterly Experian Marketing Services) for Romania. This links us in to the world-leading geo-demographic segmentation, micromarketing analytics and cross-channel marketing expertise.