Geo Strategies specialises in geo-demographics for Romania based on comprehensive geographic databases, data modelling and interpretation.

Knowing where customers live, shop and play


Geo-demographics are sometimes referred to as neighbourhood classifications. They provide a summary of a broad range of characteristics about those people who live within these neighbourhoods. These classifications are attached to individuals by their home address, and more prevalently by just the postcode.

In Romania a postcode defines approximately –

70 households in Bucharest

150 households in other urban areas

350 households in rural areas

Geo-demographic classifications are used for a range of applications in both the commercial and public sectors. Generally these applications aim to identify those groups of people within a target population most likely to exhibit particular behaviours.  These behaviours could include:

Commercial – People who live in an area where there is –

  •  A high probability of buying a particular type of newspaper
  •  A high application rate for consolidation of loans
  •  A high consumption of fashion goods

Public Sector – People who live in an area where there is –

  •  Low educational achievement
  •  High risk of developing diabetes
  •  High levels of petty crime

In the image above, the classifications relate to – Education, Age, Ethnicity and Employment. See also our Data and Services Catalogue.